Jabula is committed to conducting business in a responsible way.


Jabula is committed to conducting business in a responsible way.  This is demonstrated through our corporate social responsibility by means of a range of programs and activities. Our staff participate in these programs actively, adding value and building trust with the communities we serve.


We employ a dedicated safety team to ensure we meet all legal and safety requirements required by law and our clients. If an incident should arise our safety department will be there to assist with and assess the situation. We are also RTMS certified, annual audits are performed in order to ensure we comply with all the standards necessary for an RTMS certification.

We believe that the success of company cannot only be measured by only financial results but also whether the company has an ethos of compassion and care that exceeds society’s expectations. Jabula boasts an exceptional record in as far as our compliance to health and safety goes. We are proud to be the first logistics organisation to have complied with the Fatal Risk Protocol of BHP Billiton and were awarded with a 3 million kilometre incident free award.